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Our Focus

Veer Foundation is based in Australia. The foundation is dedicated to causes relating to children. The foundation supports various causes but mainly focuses on health, education and social welfare. The goal of the foundation is to empower children globally to help them realize their potential.

We Empower

The Veer Foundation works with local communities to empower the children by helping them access healthcare resources, educational resources by implementing social welfare policies.

We Help

The Veer Foundation helps children realize their potential and then helps them in fulfilling their potential through its various program commitments.

We Support

The Veer Foundation supports children throughout the world on the journey of achieving their goals by equipping them with the requisite resources.


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Our Mission

Though the foundation is based out of Australia, the program outreach of the foundation is global. Veer Foundation works in developing countries with underprivileged children and children from discriminated backgrounds, to grant them ubiquitous opportunities that help those children in becoming more resourceful and aware in terms of their rights and securing their future.

Our vision at Veer Foundation is to help children realize their full potential and empower them to lead lives they deserve, safe and secure.

Our mission at Veer Foundation is to work towards child empowerment by focusing on areas like health, education and social welfare. Every child has the potential to do something great but oftentimes lack the resources and proper guidance, which act as a hindrance for them in realizing their full potential.

Veer Foundation works to bring back the focus on the early years of children and working in areas that have the most impact on a child’s physical, social and emotional welfare and development.

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Our Focus

For Better Future


Every child has a universal right to education and not only that, every child has the right to quality education without discrimination. A child’s future depends on their education and the opportunities they get while pursuing their educational goals. Oftentimes, due to economic or social constraints, many children around the world are not able to get a formal education and are often left outside the educational system.


Access and availability to timely and proper healthcare is a very important factor that decides a child’s overall well-being. Many developing countries may have adequate healthcare services, but even then, the availability of those services to the groups that need them is a big challenge. If a child has access to the required medical facilities and
treatments from the early years, many of the curable diseases can be diagnosed and prevented from ruining a child’s future.

Social Welfare

Social welfare is an integral part of every child’s growing up process. Having proper social welfare programs that deliver can go a long way in ensuring that a child is safe and secure and is protected from maltreatment. It also ensures that a child is treated within the aegis of their rights.

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